Friday, 7 October 2016

Too Early ?

As the title speaks , too often we hear that people are saying the word " too early " .

The question is are you sure ?  If it is too early then when ? 

Many a times people came to me and asked me , " Charis , why are you even planning for your retirement at this age ? " To me I started a little too late and how can people still asked me why am I planning it early. Really

To me is simple, if I don't start now by the time I think it's time to start it will be too late. 
But why do I say so ? 

1. Saving it early would means that I have a longer time for me to achieve my goals to have a better or even to maintain my lifestyle in the coming retirement years. I can't imagine how my life would be if I am not getting any income even for a month. What more if it's gonna be years ! 

2. Saving it early would also means that I will be able to fulfill my goals with a lower commitment as compared to the later age as the longer time the less I could commit , which means I could have save a lot for the future commitments ahead. This also means I could save all my headaches for future commitments ! Which means LESSER THE BURDEN. 

3. Saving at the earlier stage would allow me to be able to take slightly higher risk in order to grow my funds because I have the capability to wait and to let it grow for the coming years which means I can wait and let it grow even if it takes a longer time because I CAN wait.  

4. By saving it early I would DEFINITELY be able to reduce the COST of PROCRASTINATION because the LATER I start the STEEPER my climb ! 

5. Doing it early which also simply means that I could keep track on my financial goals along the years because as we grow we all have different objectives. What makes it better is that I could plan for all different objectives with different plans and all bounce back to because I start early.  

How bout you ? 
Perhaps you have started early but you are on a sleeping mode. 
Perhaps you have started early but you weren't sure why you do it. There isn't any objective. 
Perhaps you have wanted to start but you didn't know how. 
Perhaps you wanted to know how to start and where to start. 

Perhaps you can drop me an email on your name and your contact number so we could together make things work for you to have a better planning for your own financial goals whether it's to purchase a property , to purchase a new car , for marriage , for your kids educations, or even for your own retirement or for your family retirement as a whole. 

Remember time is your friend and time is your only reason you should not hesitate but to start now. 

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