Monday, 31 October 2016


So as the title said above the 3Cs I'm gonna discuss today is : CASH COURAGE CONVERT.


                    1. ACTIVE : WORK FOR MONEY 
                    2. PASSIVE : MONEY WORK FOR YOU 

The questions is :-

1. Which are you ?
2. What do you want ? 
3. Where are you now ? 
4. How are you gonna achieve it ? 
5. When do you wanna achieve it ? 

I believe you have your answers on the above questions so let's us go to the second C 

= willingness to take the risk as higher risk higher the return 
 = knowing the different instruments in order to achieve the goals and objectives  you want to achieve. 
                                        INSTRUMENTS = ASSET CLASSES 

            : shares , mutual funds 
FIXED INCOME    : money market , bonds, mutual funds 

DERIVATIVES       : forex ( FX) , binary options , exchange traded funds ( ETF) ,warrants, mutual funds 

STRUCTURED PRODUCTS     : combination of different products  ( Eg : options, FX + Equity , ETF + options , etc )

 PROPERTY             : buy and sell , rental, REITs funds 

CONVERT = making it into actions




DECISON requires NOW




Monday, 17 October 2016


I believe many of us today has heard of PRS but how many of us actually know of it ? 
What's the difference with EPF? 

Below are some of the comparison I did in order for you to have a clearer picture. 
Click on the picture to enlarge it and to have a better view 
This is done by me personally based on what I understand. 

I have came across an article long time ago that changed my entire mindset in term of retirement funds and that makes me start my plan in earlier  it says " retirement is never about the savings but it's on how you allocate your funds into different options that is available in the market and let it generate a better return for your in the near future. 

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Good day ahead. 

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Real Estate vs Stocks ?

Being in this industry for a couple of years , many people came to me and asked me , " why aren't you investing in property ? , " why don't you get yourself a license to be a property agent ? , " why not getting yourself a house ?" ,  " house is an asset"

Well house is an asset ? To me that's depends on how you see it or view it. However I will discuss this perhaps next round.  Comment if you want to hear my opinion.

Of course living in the Asian country we all grow up in listening to , we should get a property , it's an investment that never goes wrong and never fall.  It will definately gets a return over time. Well to be honest, yes all invest,net will definately gives you a return over time.

The thing is I don't disagree 100% what people say here. Yes property does gives a return and yes it could be very good returns and yes it could be never fall. However , I believe everything draws into a word call preference.

Today I'm gonna discuss about the pros and cons in both classes of assets.


  • It does gives us a sense of ownership especially when it is tangible. We are able to see it feel it touch it and even show it. 
  • We are able to control it as we can always to a checking on tenants , inspect on our property , value on our property , run it. Basically we have control over it. 
  • Leveraging. We all know the power of leveraging is good. We can actually leverage on the bank and that's good because we could purchased it at a lower price and slowly pay back the bank. 
  • It gives a sense of security especially when the market is down because we could use it as an instrument for hedging. 
  • It gives us monthly income if we are renting it out which hence , we are having an additional of side income while doing nothing. 
  • Lesser volatility
However ....
  • It is a cost to use if there are vacant in the property 
  • We are bound by bank debts or loans
  • There are bound to be a cost of maintenance 
  • Handle the necessary maintenance problems 
  • Might not be able to liquidate quickly 
  • Need a bigger capital to kick start 
  • Commitment of time to manage and maintain the property 

  • The ability to reinvest and the ability to gain from dividends in a longer run 
  • Managed by professional , hence save the hassle of monitoring 
  • In a longer run it is proven to be one of the greatest wealth creator in the world
  • Easier to diversified our portfolio because the cost are usually lower or to startup is takes a minimum of RM1000.  Therefore , it is more affortable 
  • It's allows us to take into the account of dollar cost averaging by investing it on a more consistent basis such as monthly , quarterly , semi annually with as low as RM100 per month in order for us to take as rage of the market. 
  • It's also creates a better liquidity as compare to property
However ....
  • Stocks has a higher volatility as compare to property and its usually doesn't see any profit in their short term
  • In stocks we often see a paper lost especially each time after a dividend is paid up encases the share price will reduce. However we are actually gaining in real terms 
  • We can't be able to feel it nor touch it as it is a paper investment
The thing is both asset classes has its own benefits and disadvantages , to me it is just a preference I personally prefer to hold paper investment because it is more in the market and it gives me the return which could be as similar as property investment in the longer run. 

Hope this helps you or if you have anything to add one do comment below. It is always good to share so,e ideas and insights because in investment there's I sing any right or wrong. We all have different experience in different classes of assets. 

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Investment Medical Check Up

Does your current portfolio needed some check up? 

Are you someone who will be panic / worry when the market / KLCI drops 3-5% on a daily basis ? 

If you are perhaps it is time to understand that it is normal that the market moves up and down on a daily basis why because NOTHING STAYS UP FOREVER AND DOWN FOREVER. 

If you are worry that the movements will affect your current investment or portfolio perhaps it is time for you to do a " health check " for your current portfolio. 

1. Are you aware of what you are getting yourself into ? 
2. Are you aware of the risk that you are taking? 
3. Is your current portfolio moving in align with your objectives
4. Are you aware that you can plan your investment in a more balance way by having different classes of derivatives? 
5. Do you know that there's always an alternative option to all derivatives ? 

Comment below or personally message me for more information and for more opinion and options. 
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Friday, 7 October 2016

Too Early ?

As the title speaks , too often we hear that people are saying the word " too early " .

The question is are you sure ?  If it is too early then when ? 

Many a times people came to me and asked me , " Charis , why are you even planning for your retirement at this age ? " To me I started a little too late and how can people still asked me why am I planning it early. Really

To me is simple, if I don't start now by the time I think it's time to start it will be too late. 
But why do I say so ? 

1. Saving it early would means that I have a longer time for me to achieve my goals to have a better or even to maintain my lifestyle in the coming retirement years. I can't imagine how my life would be if I am not getting any income even for a month. What more if it's gonna be years ! 

2. Saving it early would also means that I will be able to fulfill my goals with a lower commitment as compared to the later age as the longer time the less I could commit , which means I could have save a lot for the future commitments ahead. This also means I could save all my headaches for future commitments ! Which means LESSER THE BURDEN. 

3. Saving at the earlier stage would allow me to be able to take slightly higher risk in order to grow my funds because I have the capability to wait and to let it grow for the coming years which means I can wait and let it grow even if it takes a longer time because I CAN wait.  

4. By saving it early I would DEFINITELY be able to reduce the COST of PROCRASTINATION because the LATER I start the STEEPER my climb ! 

5. Doing it early which also simply means that I could keep track on my financial goals along the years because as we grow we all have different objectives. What makes it better is that I could plan for all different objectives with different plans and all bounce back to because I start early.  

How bout you ? 
Perhaps you have started early but you are on a sleeping mode. 
Perhaps you have started early but you weren't sure why you do it. There isn't any objective. 
Perhaps you have wanted to start but you didn't know how. 
Perhaps you wanted to know how to start and where to start. 

Perhaps you can drop me an email on your name and your contact number so we could together make things work for you to have a better planning for your own financial goals whether it's to purchase a property , to purchase a new car , for marriage , for your kids educations, or even for your own retirement or for your family retirement as a whole. 

Remember time is your friend and time is your only reason you should not hesitate but to start now.