Saturday, 8 October 2016

Investment Medical Check Up

Does your current portfolio needed some check up? 

Are you someone who will be panic / worry when the market / KLCI drops 3-5% on a daily basis ? 

If you are perhaps it is time to understand that it is normal that the market moves up and down on a daily basis why because NOTHING STAYS UP FOREVER AND DOWN FOREVER. 

If you are worry that the movements will affect your current investment or portfolio perhaps it is time for you to do a " health check " for your current portfolio. 

1. Are you aware of what you are getting yourself into ? 
2. Are you aware of the risk that you are taking? 
3. Is your current portfolio moving in align with your objectives
4. Are you aware that you can plan your investment in a more balance way by having different classes of derivatives? 
5. Do you know that there's always an alternative option to all derivatives ? 

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