Wednesday, 1 February 2017

The CPD of Wealth

Good day everyone , first and foremost i would like to apologize for not constantly updating. I am back now with all geared up and ready to go. 

As you can see today's topic will be "The CPD of Wealth" . What is the C P D? 
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Without the CPD the financial planning will not be complete. CPD is an essential in financial planning in determining an your personal short and long term of financial goals. 

So let's us start with the first letter :-

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C : Creation 

We first need to create before we build. By creating it only we can move the next level. How do we create ? We need to first take the first step in knowing your own goals for the short to long term. It is only upon knowing those you're able to plan and work on it in achieving it. 

In all goals settings we need to know that there is no short cut. Therefore, we need to know the 5 main elements in goals and objective settings. These are :-

S -Specific

M- Measurable 

A- Achievable 

R- Realistic 

T - Timely

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P : Protection 

Often so we learned to build and accumulate our wealth we forgot that we need to protect it so that our wealth so that our love ones are the one who is able to share the joy and happiness of what we have build. Therefore the next step is to protect yourself and your wealth . The thing you need to do is get an insurance that protect your funds, Yes you heard me right , yes there is, Get yourself a PA ( Personal Accident ) too. 

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D : Distribution 

As you can see once we build something we need to protect it and once we protect it we need to learn how to distribute it when its necessary. Therefore we need to be prepared and get all ready with our Will / Wasiat Writing as well as Trust Nomination services so that the wealth that is preserved can be distributed accordingly to your next in kin.

Therefore  ,  wait no more ! 

Dof eel free to drop me an email or comment if you wanna know more on the options availbale in the market. No harm knowing no harm trying ! 

Nothing is too late but if you are doing nothing then is too late ! 

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